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16 Signs You Know You’re Excited for Deer Season [PICS]

Deer Hunting Big Bucks

Deer season is fast approaching and if you do any of these, you’re definitely excited for this upcoming season.

Deer season is actually year-round, but nothing beats hunting in the fall. If you’ve done any of these 16 things, you’re definitely excited for deer season.

1. You’ve already marked the first day of deer season and probably have a vacation day saved.

2. Your food plot is looking better than the family garden.

deer in velvet
Land Guys

3. The weekend consists of you in the woods scouting new areas.

4. The favorite part of your week is checking trail cameras.

bachelor group
North Carolina Sportsman

5. You’ve compiled a list of bucks that will get the hammer if they show up during season.

6. Your bow has been out of its case at least once a week.

chris bracket

7. The Outdoor Channel is the first thing you put on TV.

8. You’ve calculated how many days there are before season opens.

9. You’re excited for school to start, because it means deer season is that much closer.

10. You’ve ordered some new gear for the upcoming year. Okay, maybe a lot of gear.

hunting gear

11. The drive back home consists of a deer scouting detour.

12. You catch yourself reminiscing of deer hunting stories constantly.

Made By Grizzly

13. You’ve enjoyed the summer, but you’re waiting for the crisp fall mornings.

14. The local archery shop is your second home.

15. You can relate to the phrase, “I wasn’t this excited for deer season, since last deer season.”

16. When you hear someone say a bachelor group, a wedding doesn’t even cross your mind.

Now it’s time to start polishing everything up for the upcoming deer season to make it the best one yet. Preparation is the key to success, so get started soon!

Now get out there and enjoy the great outdoors.

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16 Signs You Know You’re Excited for Deer Season [PICS]