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Here Are 16 of the Craziest Things Hunters Have Done to Hunt Longer

crazy things hunters do to hunt longer
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 We asked hunters about their tactics for hunting longer, and basically, we found out that some hunters are just plain crazy!

Deer season always seems to go by like a blink of an eye every year. Many people say time is the most valuable thing, and time in the deer stand might be even more valuable than regular time. So, here's what happens when hunters start to get cold, responsibilities roll in, and time cruises along.

Here's the Twitter thread where it all began.

1. Hand and feet warmers and long johns and you're all set. 

2. Take a nap.


3. Take a cooler full of ice-cold beer, and drink.

4. Boot blankets. A true game changer. Especially if you are taking the youngsters.  

5. Climb down, walk to the truck, and turn the heat on... 

6. I've brought low-light binoculars...

7. Packed backpack full of Mountain Dew and Doritos when I was like 13 stayed in the stand till 12:30.

8. Nice steak dinner for sitting it through or a hot pocket for going in early.

9. Whiskey in your coffee. Bring a big thermos.

10. 0-degree sleeping bag zipped up and pulled up to your shoulders.

Deer and Deer Hunting

11. Peeing in a jug or bottle to conceal scents.

12. Calling in sick to get an additional day of hunting.

13. Bring an extra seat cushion.

14. Build a deluxe stand.


15. Hunt in your backyard, if possible.

16. Hand and feet warmers, dozing against the tree, and giving it an extra 15-20 minutes when I decide it's time to head in.

Think of any more tactics to sit longer? At some point of the season it begins to feel like a grind and your eyes get heavier in the morning. Just remeber, deer season only comes once a year so make it count and enjoy it!

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Here Are 16 of the Craziest Things Hunters Have Done to Hunt Longer