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152-Yard Handgun Kill Shot on a Deer [VIDEO]

We’ve seen some long-range handgun shots before, but this is ridiculous. This is a pretty crazy 152-yard handgun kill shot. 

Watch as one hunter shoots a deer from over 150 yards away… with a handgun.

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A 152-yard handgun shot on a deer doesn’t happen to often, and while Youtube user, The Deer Hunter, doesn’t give us much info we do know that the deer was shot with a Kahr Arms P45, using 185-grain hand loads. While long range shots on deer, or anything for that matter, aren’t common and are fraught with danger, here’s one guy who actually pulled it off.

The Kahr P45 is a compact, 3.5-inch barreled compact handgun that fires the .45ACP cartridge and is designed primarily for concealed carry. While more and more hunters are taking their everyday carry gun to the field, we’ve never seen anything quite like this before…. from anyone who’s last name isn’t “Miculek.”

While it is entertaining to watch, please remember to always practice safe gun handling and always shoot within your abilities… especially with something that breathes at the other end.

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152-Yard Handgun Kill Shot on a Deer [VIDEO]