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Watch 150 Shots in 3 Minutes [VIDEO]

Are you ready for 150 shots in three minutes?

Bowhunters across the continent are waiting with anxiousness for the upcoming season, and dreaming of the shots they'll take at wild game that will hopefully meet their targets. If you want to add some visual stimulation to your seasonal preparation, we've got the video for you. Watch this three and a half minute clip from EOTROutdoors featuring 150 total shots.

The warning up front is not to be ignored: if you don't like seeing bowhunters do their thing, don't watch this video.

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The uploaders openly admitted that some of the shots weren't perfect, and some of the game animals weren't recovered. So goes the experience of a group of hunters who participate in their hoppy as much as they can: you can't win all the time.

Share this video with your hunting friends, and let us know what you thought of it in the comments.

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Watch 150 Shots in 3 Minutes [VIDEO]