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15-Year-Old Minnesota Girl is World-Class Archer and Hunter [PICS]

Facebook/Breanna Theodore

Breanna Theodore is a 15-year-old girl from Minnesota whose roots run deep in the sport of archery.

Breanna grew up tailing her dad out to his hunting stands and when she was old enough, took up the sport and started hunting with a rifle.

These days, Breanna is a world-class archer and she has her dad to thank for it. Archery first started out as something her father enjoyed doing and they were able to spend time together while he taught her how. This fun and relaxing time together in the woods soon lead to competitive archery for Breanna.


Breanna’s first goal when she started archery was to be better than her dad. Now, the two of them travel the country as she competes on the national and international level. She also competes on the youth Olympic archery team!

Breanna is part of a compound cadet women’s team where her and her team recently took home a gold medal for the 2015 Youth Archery World Championships. Breanna is ranked number seven in the world out of the compound bow cadets ages 15 to 17.

Her dad comments on her competitive side stating, “She doesn’t want to beat someone because they’re having a bad day, she wants to shoot against somebody on their best day.”

She is a true competitor.


Breanna says the mentality during target shooting and hunting is very similar.

“When you see a deer and you stand up and get ready and kow you’re going to shoot one, your heart beats. And it’s the same thing with target archery, that feeling. It’s basically the same thing, you have to learn how to control it.”

The Minnesota Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener will be held Nov.7 and Breanna has the honor of taking an exhibition shot to start the season. The opener takes place in the Iron Range, which is part of the Superior National Forest, where Breanna and her dad have often hunted.

The best thing Breanna says about archery is that, “It’s a sport for anybody.”

She’s confident anyone “can shoot a bow and you don’t have to be good at it. It’s just all for fun. If you want to be good at it, you can.”

You heard it right from the young world-class archer herself. Anyone can pick up a bow and shoot. So now it’s your turn. Try out the sport and practice your way up to being a top-notch shooter.

Images via MN DNR

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15-Year-Old Minnesota Girl is World-Class Archer and Hunter [PICS]