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15 Ways to Use the Entire Deer from Antler to Hoof [PICS]


Don't let any of your deer go to waste this season.

Back in the days of our ancestors, every part of an animals was used in some form or another from clothing to tools. Just because we don't need every part of an animal, such as a deer, doesn't mean we shouldn't try to use as much of it as possible.

Besides scraping every ounce of meat you can off the deer and leaving the rest behind, here are 15 uses for just about every part of any deer you take down this season.


  •  Instead of just ripping off and chucking the deer's hide to the side, save it. Hides can be tanned into numerous items from custom bags to buckskin clothing, as well as put on a wall or thrown over your couch in your man cave.


  • Save the brains from your kill and learn to brain tan the hide with it like Native Americans used to do.
  • The skull can be turned into a European Mount to display around the house or your cabin at deer camp.
  • Antlers have a million uses from knife handles, wall displays, coat racks, dog chews, and so much more.


  • A deer's hooves can be melted down and used as a natural glue for bushcrafting projects.
  • Take the whole lower part of the leg and turn it into a cool custom gun rack that can be mounted to a wall or over your fireplace.
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  • Intestines, after a thorough cleaning, can be used as sausage casings.
  • If not damaged during the hunt, the liver, heart, and kidneys are all edible and should be taken away with the meat.
  • While it may be hard to get past mentally, the tongue is considered a delicacy when prepared correctly.


  • Deer fat can be slowly boiled down and rendered into tallow. Tallow is great as a healthier cooking grease, waterproofing metals, lubrication, a leather conditioner, and more.
  • Sinew can be dried and used to back traditional bows, make bow strings, strong cordage, or sewing thread for your deer hide projects.


  • Use the bones to make broth for cooking deer meat stews and soups.
  • Clean the bones up as best as you can before boiling and baking them. Toss them to your family dog as a special treat.
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  • Dry the bones out and burn them. Bone burns longer and hotter than fire wood and will help you maintain a great fire to warm yourself after hunting for the day at camp.
  • Make various primitive items such as bone tools, arrowheads, and more to display around your home or office.

With these tips all that should be leftover from your kill is a very small gut pile, some eyeballs, and the spinal cord.

Toss these to the side for the scavengers to finish off and not one single item from your kill will go to waste.

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15 Ways to Use the Entire Deer from Antler to Hoof [PICS]