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15 Top Brands at ICAST 2014

These 15 brands at ICAST 2014 represent the boom of the industry.

5. Th3 Legends

This year’s International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, better known as ICAST, is gathering 10,000 members of the global recreational fishing industry at the Orange County Convention Center in beautiful Orlando, Florida for the largest trade show of its kind.

Produced by the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), it is the premier global showcase for the newest and best fishing gear, accessories and apparel.

Everybody who’s anybody in the industry will be there, but we’ve compiled a list of the 15 brands that are worth paying attention to as they show off their latest and greatest.

View the slideshow to see the brands, and let us know what you’re interested in learning more about in the comments.

1. Abu Garcia

One of the bigger brands to show up yearly at ICAST is Abu Garcia, and for good reason. They consistently have their latest fantastic line of fishing gear, including some of the best reels available, on display for all to see.

Originally a Swedish company, the brand produced watches and taximeters, but the founder’s son directed the focus to fishing after World War II.

We’re pumped to see the latest Ambassadeur round reels and the technologically sound Revo spinners at this year’s show.

2. Orvis

Orvis is without a doubt one of the more well-known brands in fishing, and they’ll be out in full force at ICAST.

They focus on fly fishing, but also offer a fair share of hunting gear, too.

3. Pradco

Among the most trusted companies in the entire outdoor industry is Pradco, what with their recognized brands and devotion to quality.

Rebel, Booyah, Lindy, Bomber, and YUM always bring out some of the best angling gear used by pros and amateurs alike, and their booths at ICAST are sure to be packed.

4. Columbia PFG

When you’re a fishing guru, Columbia PFG is a common choice of clothing and shoes. The same amount of attention to detail and utility is given to Columbia’s Performance Fishing Gear line as the rest of their great products, with the avid angler in mind.

Not only does the stuff look great, but Columbia PFG always has quick-drying, functional elements included to make you comfortable as well.

5. Th3 Legends

We’re certain that if you’re going to ICAST, you’re not going to be able to keep away from the booth operated by Th3 Legends. Bill Dance, Roland Martin, and Jimmy Houston have attached their names to the brand, bringing together more than 100 combined years of fishing expertise.

There’s no replacement for time on the water, and that’s instilled in each and every product Th3 Legends plans to bring to ICAST.

6. Typhoon Optics (sunglasses)

One of the least considered pieces of fishing gear is easily sunglasses. Without a good pair, you’re missing a key fish finding tool that really can help you reel in more catches.

Look to Typhoon Optics and their great line of angling shades to be an ICAST favorite, as they emerge in the market with their awesome styles like the Ketch, the Cancun and the Tropic Storm.

7. Tactical Anglers

Though Tactical Anglers is a relatively new brand to hit the scene, their presence at ICAST proves their growing popularity.

They specialize in lures that have undergone rigorous testing for the utmost durability and performance, and also produce useful gear like pouches and fishing clips.

8. GoPro

There’s no doubt GoPro has firmly imprinted their on-the-go cameras and accessories in the outdoor world.

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Catch the latest offerings from the California company at ICAST, and you won’t be able to help from getting excited about your next fishing trip, mainly because you’ll come back with footage to remember it by.

9. Eagle Claw

A trusted name for generations, Eagle Claw all started with a need for a fishhook design with greater penetrating power. 

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These days they’re still as reliable as ever, and plan to roll out to ICAST with a ton of new accessories, like bait nets, minnow traps, weights, beads, and even full on rigs. No matter what kind of angling you do, Eagle Claw is likely to have something you want.

10. MegaStrike

Mega bugs, shakey heads, jigs and lizards are just some of the great lures available from MegaStrike. They may be a little lesser known than the top names, but we predict that will change soon enough.

Watch for their fish attractants to fly off the shelves this year too, because ICAST is the perfect place to show retailers what your stuff can do.

11. Live Target Lures

One of the coolest products that will be on display at ICAST is the Baitball from Live Target Lures. They’re the new product showcase winner for four consecutive years at the show; it doesn’t get much better than that.

The Baitball is just what it sounds like: a group of three or so bait fish collectively huddled inside a clear and durable bubble, perfect for predator fish that love to go after schooling bait.

12. Snow Lizard (cell phone cases)

Snow Lizard is giving fishermen exactly what they need: a waterproof phone case.

The brand has some time scheduled at the ICAST lure tank, so we’re guessing there will be some cell phones tossed into the water for all to see.

13. Shakespeare

Getting back to the big boys, Shakespeare is sure to have a busy booth at ICAST.

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The brand’s Ugly Stick line of rods and combos has made its mark in angling, and their tackle boxes and kits are a great way to keep supplies safe and where they’re needed.

14. Spiderwire

If line is on your wish list, Spiderwire is sure to have something you’ll be able to use.

They’ve shown the industry that fishing gear innovation doesn’t need to stop at rods and reels; specifically, the revolutionary Stealth Glow-Vis line offers the popular color of low-vis green with a unique UV reflective coating that appears to “glow” in the sunlight for better visibility and ability to watch your line’s movements.

15. Daiwa

Any angler with more than a few years on the water knows that Daiwa always brings some of the greatest tackle to the market.

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Saltwater fishermen in articular are likely to get excited about each new offering from Daiwa, which makes them one of the most anticipated companies to be appearing at ICAST.

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