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15 Things That Suck About Camping

Justin Kopp via Wikimedia Commons

We love camping, but these 15 things make us not so happy.

Taking advantage of the great outdoors, more often than not, includes some camping of some sort.

Whether we’re traveling in an RV, backpacking through the mountains, hiking in a national park or hunting across several days, a tent, sleeping bag and a few other items get by as our shelter, bed and basically, our home away from home.

But sometimes, that’s not nearly as good as it seems.

Check out our list of things that flat out suck about camping.

15. Unwanted music.

Those community campgrounds that cater to concerts may not be up your alley.

14. Rocks and tree roots under our tents.

I think they manifest themselves out of the ground in spite of our intrusion.

13. Leaky inflatable mattresses.

No matter how well built your inflatable air mattress is and you have already tried it out on the living room floor to make sure it inflates, it will fail you in the wilds. Usually this happens at about one in the morning…


12. Wet fire wood.

A camping night is just not the same without the flickering light of a camp fire dancing off the trees.

11. Spiders.

Camping areas can be home to lots of large arachnids. They are especially fun at night…

10. Mosquitoes!

They can make a sane camper into a raving lunatic, running amok in the woods.

9. Outhouses.

No matter how clean they are, I would rather go as a bear does, in the woods!


8. Forgotten gear.

Even after a checklist is made, sometimes something important is left at home, or at the campsite.

7. Lack of in-home bathroom.

Climbing out of a warm sleeping bag to use the outhouse or tree. Nothing worse…

6. Drag racers at 2 in the morning.

If there is a rural road nearby, chances are the locals may use it as a drag strip in the wee early hours of the morning.

5. Dogs that bark at everything.

It only takes one, and it can bark at every breeze blowing through the trees all night long.


4. Duplex camping

Fellow campers that feel they need to put their tent right next to yours even though there is a big empty camp ground.

3. Noisemakers

Loud radios, screaming children and adults who are missing the point of camping. Where is the solitude?

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2. Feeders

Raccoons, bears and  other wildlife that have been fed by people and are a danger to anyone around. Don’t feed them ever.

1. Complainers

We get annoyed by complaints about camping. What can be better than camping? Case closed!

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