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15 Tactical Gift Ideas For the Advanced Shooter [PICS]

Looking for some tactical gift ideas? Here are some great ones for your tactical shooter.

LA Police Gear

With Christmas coming up, we are all racing to find those gifts that just scream "Buy me!" for that certain someone. Most shooters are the kind of people who will go out an buy what they want when they want it, so it makes it hard sometimes to find the right gift for them.

Here are some ideas for finding the right tactical gift to put under the tree with out having to wrap their present in camo paper and put MOLLE straps all over it.

Check out the images for 15 ideas of tactical gifts for the tactical shooter.

Slidefire Bump Stock


The Slidefire bump stock allows you to simulate full auto fire with a semi auto AR-15.

LaserLyte Trainer Bullseye Kit


The Laserlyte Trainer Bullseye Kit allows your tactical shooter practice during down time from the range. This is a great item to add to a dry fire practice regimen.

EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight

A perfect sight to perch on top of a fighting rifle would be an EOTech Holographic Sight. These allow for quick target acquisition in any light.

Cabela's Tactical Reflex Sight


If the Eotech is a little too much for your pocket book, this Tactical Reflex Sight from Cabela's might be a little more in budget. Perfect for the top of a pistol caliber carbine or a home defense AR-15.

Crimson Trace Lasergrips

Crimson Trace

Laser sights on a pistol do serve a purpose and some of the best, least bulky and easiest to use are the Crimson Trace Lasergrips.

MS Clean Kit

MS Clean

Designed by Top Shot contestant Peter Palma, the MS Clean Kits have everything you need to quickly clean your gun in the field and they are shaped like an AR-15 mag so they will fit into a magazine pouch so you won't lose them.

Magpul 40 Round Pmag


Every Tactical shooter wants two or three 40 round pmags from Magpul. Because 30 round mags are so last year.

SOG Tactical Black Tomahawk


An SOG Tactical Black Tomahawk. Why? Because everyone needs a Tactical Tomahawk.

Condor Body Armor

Condor Outdoor

Police and Military have been wearing body armor for years and it is a proven life saver if the need be. Condor Outdoor offers many different kinds of body armor from soft to covert to hard plate body armor.

Caldwell AR-15 Magazine Charger


The Caldwell AR-15 Magazine Charger allows the shooter to load 50 rounds of 5.56/.223 ammo in seconds. If you got your tactical shooter the 40 round Pmags, this is a must have to get for them as well.

Maglula Uplula Universal Pistol Loader


The Uplula Universal pistol loader is almost a must have for your tactical shooter. The loader helps to save thumbs and fingers from the pain of loading rounds one at a time into a pistol magazine.

Gunvault Speedvault


Safe Storage of a firearm is just as important as quick access to it in case of emergency. The Gunvault Speedvault is a great option for both safe storage and quick access. able to be mounted anywhere, this little vault has tactics in mind.

Streamlight TLR-1 HL


A good white light is important for positive target identification in low light. A popular weapon mounted light is the Streamlight TLR-1 HL.

5.11 Tactical Covrt Zap6 bag

5.11 Tactical

The 5.11 Tactical Covrt Zap 6 bag makes for a great everyday carry bag. Popular with off duty law enforcement, this bag will hold your iPad, notebook, a hydration bladder and your firearm and extra ammo.



When Operating Operationally you don't need to worry about where your keys are. Put them all in the Key-bar and you will be able to find the Hummer keys for a quick exfil.

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15 Tactical Gift Ideas For the Advanced Shooter [PICS]