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The 15 Most Ridiculous Taxidermy Jobs from @CrapTaxidermy [PICS]

Most taxidermy jobs are incredible works of art. But there are always exceptions. 

The Twitter handle @CrapTaxidermy is a ridiculous compilation of botched taxidermy jobs.

They have collected hilarious photos of crap taxidermy jobs since 2012 and have even released a coffee table book, “Much Ado About Stuffing.”

As you can imagine, the photos and the captions are hilarious.

Here are 15 of the best @CrapTaxidermy works of comedic art.

And here are the images in video form, set to the perfect soundtrack.

The Twitter account is run by Adam Cornish in the UK. Proceeds from his coffee table book go to “a real sanctuary that houses living animals that don’t wear clothes or sit on chairs.”

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The 15 Most Ridiculous Taxidermy Jobs from @CrapTaxidermy [PICS]