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15 Reasons Why Ice Fishing is the Best Fishing

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! You know we're talking about ice fishing season, right?

Ice fishing is deceiving to a lot of people. They wonder why anyone would want to sit on a bucket and freeze while looking at a hole in the ice.

Let them think that.

If you do it right, ice fishing is simply the best fishing there is. Here are the top 15 reasons to prove it to the slandering naysayers who "only fish in the Bahamas..." Give me a break.

1. You can fish with all the comforts of home.

ice castle
Ryan Lisson

2. You can almost take a limo service to your favorite fishing spot.

ice fishing limo

3. You can watch fish on your underwater camera more easily.

ice fishing underwater camera
YouTube/Travis Hedin

4. Sometimes it feels like you're walking on glass.

ice fishing glass
Ryan Lisson

5. You won't get sunburnt like in the summer, unless it's warm enough for no clothes...

Toronto Sun

6. You can fish, grill, and hot tub at the same time!

ice fishing hot tub

7. A fish locator makes it feel like a game!

ice fishing vexilar
Ryan Lisson

8. It's not a big commitment. You can leave your fish house on the lake to just come fish for a little bit.

ice fishing
Star Tribune

9. No live well is needed, and your trophy fish won't spoil.

pike catch
Ryan Lisson

10. You won't lose your favorite lure to a snag like when summer trolling.

fishing lure
Bass Pro Shops

11. You won't get motion sickness like on open water.

sea sick
Fishing Trip to Alaska

12. If the fish aren't biting, you can play an epic game of broomball or hockey at the same time!

Calvary Madison

13. You can get pizza delivered right to your fish house if the bite is slow. Seriously.

ice fishing pizza
Trip Advisor

14. You can often fish with more lines than you can with open water fishing.

ice fishing lines
YouTube/Uncut Angling

15. All your buddies are waiting for you at the fishing village.

ice fishing village
Union Leader

If you enjoy ice fishing, you'll appreciate these crazy fish house ideas!

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15 Reasons Why Ice Fishing is the Best Fishing