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14 Outdoor Books for Kids Gift Guide


Christmas is upon us, so consider putting these outdoor books for kids on your last-minute shopping list.

Kids of all ages love the outdoors. Whether it’s going on hikes, exploring the woods or playing with the mud in the backyard, kids are inspired by nature and all her creatures.

Keep their creativity and passion alive by putting one or two of these outdoor books for kids under the tree this Christmas. You still have time to run to Cabela’s or Bass Pro!

1. “Who Lives in the Forest”

Perfect for your preschooler, “Who Lives in the Forest” takes you on a magical journey into the woods. With pop-up pictures and push button realistic animal sounds, your little one is sure to love it.

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2. “Living Book of the Forest”

For the child who loves to learn, “Living Book of the Forest” can educate and entertain. Designed for children six to eight, this book has panoramic pop-ups, real animal noises and informational pull out cards filled with fun facts.

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3. “Fun with Nature”

Fun with Nature” is your child’s first field guide. With full color illustrations and information about birds, plants, animals, rocks and more, kids are eager to get outside to learn all they can. Featuring a section for notes and scrapbooking, this is bound to be a favorite for your little explorer.

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4. “Little Blue Truck”

Written for preschoolers, but loved by children of all ages, “Little Blue Truck” uses animal noises and rhyming in such an engaging manner, you won’t mind reading it again and again.

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5. “Gone Fishing”

A sweet tale about a father and son fishing, “Gone Fishing” explores the concepts of big and small in an easy-to-understand way. Written for children five to eight, it’ll make you both want to grab your poles and head to the lake.

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6. “Some Babies are Wild”

Some Babies are Wild” will have you both saying “awww” to the cute pictures of wild animal babies and their mothers. With a rhythmic tale of describing a mother’s love, this one may soon become a favorite.

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7. “Butterflies”

Scholastic’s “Butterflies” walks your child through the life cycle of a butterfly from birth through metamorphosis and into adulthood. With detailed pictures and informative text, you learn and see every step of the process.

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8. “United Tweets of America”

The “United Tweets of America” takes a humorous, yet educational, tour of the United States through its state birds. With descriptions of both the birds and the states, this book encourages kids to learn about history, geography and wildlife. And with its engaging text and funny illustrations, it’s sure to be a hoot.

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9. “Those Darn Squirrels”

In this hysterical picture book, your child learns one man’s frustrations when the squirrels won’t stay out of his bird feeders. “Those Darn Squirrels” will make you laugh and you’ll want to see what happens when you start feeding the birds.

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10. “I’m a Turkey”

Written as a spoken-word song, “I’m a Turkey” tells of the trials and tribulations of one bird, while sneaking in all sorts of interesting turkey facts. Funny and informative, this book isn’t just for Thanksgiving and is sure to be a favorite all year long.

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11. “In my Tree”

This board book will thrill your toddler with its unique pictures and attached finger puppet. “In My Tree” explains what a home is made of, not just for little owl, but for all families.

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12. “Antlers Forever”

A story about a young bull moose, “Antlers Forever” tells how he learns his antlers aren’t permanent and how he reacts to the news. It’s a heartwarming story and perfect read for the child who’s hesitant about change.



14. “Curious George Goes Camping”

Everyone’s favorite monkey is getting ready to go camping and you know he’s going to get into mischief. “Curious George Goes Camping” can help your little one learn about camping and the proper way to behave and be helpful.



15. “The Great Outdoor Games and Puzzles Book”

The Great Outdoor Games and Puzzles Book” offers a great opportunity for kids to engage their interests and their mind. Filled with activities including mazes, crosswords and connect-the-dots, this book teaches facts about wilderness and wildlife to keep your kids entertained and occupied no matter where you are.


Reading is so important, you might as well read to your children about the outdoors!

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14 Outdoor Books for Kids Gift Guide