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Watch 15 Incredible Wild Hog Kills in 4 Minutes [VIDEO]

Wild hogs can destroy farmland in a matter of minutes. Watch this compilation of hunters getting rid of a few. 

These hunters had enough and decided to get rid of this destructive, invasive species.

Watch this compilation of 15 expert wild hog kills.

Wild hogs are highly invasive and decimate every inch of ground they touch. They must be stopped!

Whether hunting from the air or from the ground, every dead hog is a win for the strained environment. Hunters use bows, large caliber cartridges, spears, knives, and other creative means to get rid of wild hogs from their lands.

On the plus side, wild hogs make great barbecue dinners. We can almost smell the barbecue sauce from here!

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Watch 15 Incredible Wild Hog Kills in 4 Minutes [VIDEO]