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15 Ice Fishing Rods to Step up Your Game

Fishing Story

Though quality ice fishing rods don’t make a good fisherman, they certainly do help your odds.

And there are some days on the ice that you need all the help you can get.

These ice fishing rods are top of the line and are some good items to add to your gear collection. Maybe these are a good way to spend some of your Christmas gift cards?

1. Clam Outdoors Dave Genz True Blue Series Ice Combos

With Dave Genz’s name on it, this sensitive ice fishing rod will last for many seasons.

clam dave genz ice fishing rod


2. Frabill Straight Line 371 Bro Ice Combo

Every fisherman should try a straight line approach as it can drastically reduce line twist. Plus, it’s just a different technique to spice things up a bit.

frabill straight line ice fishing rod


3. Eagle Claw Cold Smoke Ice Fishing Spinning Combo

This Cold Smoke ice fishing rod features a sensitive S-curve graphite blank and corrosion-resistant guides.

eagle claw cold smoke ice fishing rod


4. Jason Mitchell Elite Series Meat Stick Ice Fishing Combo

This 24-inch pole has a light tip to easily detect a finicky bite, but its solid backbone will allow some solid sets.

jason mitchell ice fishing rod


5. Frabill Ice Hunter Combo

Another quality offering from Frabill, this rod is sensitive and has stainless steel guides that prevent freeze-up.

frabill ice hunter ice fishing rod


6. Clam JM Gen7 Elite Series Walleye Fishing Combo

With a Hyper Modulus graphite rod and Dynaflow guides, this ice fishing rod from Clam is a good buy.

clam gen7 ice fishing rod


7. Frabill Panfish Popper Ice Fishing Spinning Combo

This sensitive rod with lightweight guides is perfect for panfish.

frabill panfish popper ice fishing rod


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8. St. Croix Premier Ice Combo

St. Croix ice fishing rods offer great sensitivity and hook-setting power, and come in panfish or panfish/walleye setups.

st croix ice fishing rod


9. Beaver Dam Titanium Tip Stick Combo

This medium light 26-inch ice fishing rod has a built-in titanium spring bobber to help you pick up picky fish.

beaver dam titanium ice fishing rod


10. Clam Power Stick Series Ice Fishing Rod

This rod is fiberglass with a graphite wrap and offers excellent bite detection.

clam power stick ice fishing rod


11. Gander Mountain Timberline Series Ice Combo

An ultralight 16-inch ice fishing rod, like this one in the Timberline series, is great for panfish.

GM timberline ice fishing rod


12. Cabela’s Pro Guide Ice Combo

With a custom Evolve split handle, delicate bites carry through for increased strike detecting.

cabelas pro guide ice fishing rod


13. Frabill Fin-S Ice Fishing Spinning Combo

With a solid carbon fiber blank that extends through the handle, you’ll feel more strikes with this ice fishing rod.

frabill fin-s ice fishing rod


14. Gander Mountain Evolution Series Ice Combo

Another ultralight ice fishing rod that’s perfect for sunfish and crappies.

GM evolution ice fishing rod


15. Wright & McGill Tony Roach Ice Fishing Spinning Rod

Designed by champion angler and guide Tony Roach, this S-curve graphite rod has an attached spring bobber for sensitive bites.

tony roach ice fishing rod

Ready to get out on the ice?

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