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15 Freshwater Fishing Stocking Stuffers For Under or Around $15

Need some ideas for freshwater fishing stocking stuffers? We at have compiled a list for all your holiday gift needs for all the freshwater fishing enthusiasts out there.

Thingamabobber Strike Indicator – These strike indicators provide the durability and weight to cast well but never sink, and the interesting colors for visibility and conversation starting. The ease of attachability makes these thingamabobbers a necessary stocking stuffer. $5.50.

thingamabobberPhoto via American Fly Fishing, Co.

Normark Fillet Board – What better way to stop the flop than this awesome fillet board, complete with a heavy duty clamp to keep your catch still. Shore lunch, anyone? $14.99.

fillet boardPhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

Tungsten Tacky Weight – Looks like coal, but does so much more. This weight is heavier than lead, but moldable in either hot or cold weather. Sink that line when it’s cold. $6.95.

tungstenPhoto via American Fly Fishing, Co.

Dr. Slick Gold Scissor/Plier – What’s better than the Olympic Victory of Gold? Slick Gold. These golden slick scissor/pliers are a very durable tool that will come in handy for all of your hook removal, barb pinching, and split shooting needs. The 4” are a steal at $15.99.

dr slickPhoto via American Fly Fishing, Co.

Zebco 202 Spincast Reel – This all metal and stainless steel reel is durable and will let you fish in luxury while not breaking the bank. $7.99.

zebco 202Photo via

Rapala Soft Grip 6 Inch Fillet Knife – Fillet your fish fast with safety and comfort. This unretractable blade has a textured soft-grip handle with a larger finger guard for stability and efficiency. And the sheath is fake leather so vegans can enjoy this product too! $12.99.

fillet knifePhoto via

Frogg Toggs Neoprene Wading Socks – Fishing requires patience; wait in comfort. These wading socks are well-cushioned and insulated to make your pastime that much more enjoyable. The attached lace hooks make these socks a must add to your collection. $12.99.

frogg toggPhoto via

Rapala Jigging Shad Rap – This Holiday season likely means that many of you will have to ice fish. Make the most of your ice fishing with this tried and true shad rap that, according to users, works well in the summer for bass too. From $5.99.

shad rapPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Excel Ice Flurocarbon – This is an absolute must-have for any ice water fisherpeople. This line sinks extremely well, has a very high abrasion resistance, and is completely invisible to fish. Have I “caught” you? $4.19.

ice fluroPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Spirit River Holographic Wrap – If you’ve got it, flaunt it. This wrap will add flash and bling to your lines, creating a prismatic effect that entrances your targets. $6.75.

Eumer Nutria Patches – Nutria patches are quickly becoming a favorite among fly-fisherpeople. The nutria flies float on the water with a pulsating movement and a great sheen that work great in clear water tube fishing. $7.49.

eumerPhoto via Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters, Inc.

Nash Classic Soluballs 750 ct. – This bait is great because it has essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for the fish you’re trying to catch. In the process of fishing, you’re making your catches healthier! They are very easily cast great distances too. 2.49 pounds.

fish hitPhoto via Fishing Hut Ltd.

Fishpond Waterlog Hydration Bladder – Stay hydrated with fresh water while you’re freshwater fishing. This hydration bladder holds six and a half cups of water, freeing up your hands while you fish and reel. $16.76.

fishpondPhoto via Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters

Simms GORE-TEX Repair Kit – Accidents happen, but you can’t afford to let them ruin your outing. If you fish with any GORE-TEX clothing, you never know when a hook might poke a hole in your outerwear. Seal it up with this repair kit. $5.95.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 4.37.57 PMPhoto via

Old Harbor Outfitters ACC-07 Utility Pod – During a long day of fishing, you’ve gotta have some beer. This utility pod frees up your hands to open the can, drink the beer, and play patty-cake with your friend (if so desired). $11.95.

tackle directPhoto via TackleDirect

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15 Freshwater Fishing Stocking Stuffers For Under or Around $15