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15 Facts About The 2015 Bassmaster Classic Lake

The 2015 Bassmaster Classic will take place in Lake Hartwell. Here are 15 things you probably didn't know about this awesome lake.

The Bassmaster Classic brings together the elite of bass fisherman to pit their skills against each other. They will have a challenge ahead of them this year with the very large Lake Hartwell. With many islands, crevasses, and shoreline to fish it will be hard to pick a place to start.

1. Lake Hartwell was built by the U.S. Corps of Engineers.

Construction of the lake started in 1955 and was finished in 1963.

2. It cost $89 million dollars to complete the lake and dam.

It would almost cost 7 times that amount to build the lake in today's economy.

3. Hartwell was named after Nancy Hart.

Nancy Hart was an American Revolutionary War figure who was devoted to bringing freedom to all.

Lake Hartwell
Caudell Tutorial Notebook- Ariel view of Lake Hartwell

4. Originally it was to only be used for flood management, hydropower, and down stream navigation.

Years after completion it opened to the public for fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, and more.

5. It spans between two states and rests in six counties.

Hartwell sits between Georgia and South Carolina. It is apart of Hart, Franklin, and Stephens counties in Georgia; Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens counties in South Carolina.

6. Over 880,000 cubic feet of concrete and 3 million pounds of steel were used to build Hartwell Dam.

The dam was completed in 1959 and is 12,400 feet long.


7. It is the largest lake in the Southwest.

It contains 55, 900 acres of water and 962 miles of shoreline.

8. Its average depth is 45 feet, with a max depth of 185 feet.

The lake bed is riddled with many underwater islands making it prime habitat for bass.

9. The Bassmaster Classic has been held at Lake Hartwell before.

Alton Jones won the Bassmaster Classic here in 2008 with a total weight of 49.7 pounds.

World Fishing Network
World Fishing Network- Alton Jones

10. Lake Hartwell is one of the top recreational travel destinations in the Southeastern US.

Over 9.1 million people a year use the recreational areas at the lake.

11. It houses over 11,000 personal boat docks.

Depending on conditions this could definitely play into anglers' strategies at the tournament.

12. Striped bass are the most popular fish for anglers at the lake.

Average sizes of striped bass are 5- 12 pounds with some reaching up to 20 pounds or more.

wikipedia- Striped bass

13. Over 200 people have died on the lake.

A lot of these are contributed to people sliding down a waterfall near the dam and jumping off the points of the rock quarry.

14. Ghost Island is the lake's largest island.

Ghost Island gets its name from the various tomb stones and vaults that are on the island. Some of the tombs date back to the 1700's.

15. Hartwell has a hydroelectric power plant.

It was finished in 1961 and produces 470,000 megawatts of electricity a year to millions near the lake.

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15 Facts About The 2015 Bassmaster Classic Lake