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15 Celebrities Who Are Really Into Hunting [PICS]

celebrities who love to hunt
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Who knew these celebrities love to hunt as much as we do?

Not everyone is as outspoken as Joe Rogan, but these celebrities also love hunting. These dancers, football players, rockstars, and Hall of Famers all have one thing in common - they LOVE to hunt!

1. Goose Gossage

This Baseball Hall of Famer loves to go elk hunting.

2. Ted Nugent

This rockstar loves to go hunting and eat game meat.

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3. Michael Strahan

This NFL superstar loves to hunt turkeys in New York state.

4. Peyton Manning

This Indianapolis Colts star is an avid bird hunter. He has amazing hand-eye coordination in his sport and out hunting.

5. Madonna

She once went pheasant hunting with her then-boyfriend who loved to hunt.

LOS ANGELES -  MAY 19:  Madonna in the press room at the Billboa

6. Avril Lavigne

Growing up in Canada, she went hunting often despite her brothers wishes since "she was a girl."

7. Eva Longoria-Parker 

Eva claims that she can skin a rabbit, a snake, or a deer!

celebrities who love to hunt

8. Kurt Russell

He is a hobby hunter and strongly supports the right to hunt.

9. Bo Jackson

He is a phenomenal baseball player who loves to go hunting as well.

10. Shaquille O'Neal

NBA superstar also enjoys red stag hunting.

11. Chris Pratt

This actor says he is obsessed with big game hunting.

Chris Pratt On Hunting

12. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

This model and "Transformers" actress grew up hunting on her farm and ate squirrels and birds that she shot.

13. Tom Brokaw

Former host of NBC Nightly News has his own hunting preserve in Montana.

14. Joe Perry

This Aerosmith guitarist says hunting keeps him grounded and provides an escape from the big city.

15. Jennifer Lawrence

This popular actress has dreams of owning a nice house with a big dog and - a shotgun.

celebrities who love to hunt jennifer lawrence
Flickr/Red Carpet Report

Who knew there were so many celebrities who loved to hunt. I guess it shouldn't come as much of a surprise because we all know how much fun it is.

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15 Celebrities Who Are Really Into Hunting [PICS]