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15 Best Hunting Outfits for Babies [PICS]

Your kids have to be clothed anyway, right?

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Why not make them proud, outdoorsy babies in these awesome hunting outfits! Though the standard gender-colored shirts have their uses, it's going to be hard not to think about how cool your child would look in these 15 hunting-inspired baby outfits.

I mean, what's more hardcore than a drooling, giggling infant dressed in a camouflage onesie?

The Internet is full of ideas, but we've made it easier for you to find some true gems right here.

View the slideshow to check out the best hunting outfits for babies.

1. Born to Hunt - enough said


Not that they'll be limited to ONLY deer hunting, but you get the picture.

2. Pink onesie


For the little huntress of the family.

3. You can't deny...


The kids won't get it, but this is sure to get a laugh out of the adults.

4. Puttin' on the Ritz


For those times you need just a touch of class to dress up those diapers, camouflage suspenders will do it every time.

5. Now you see me...


Warning - do not place your child in the yard in this shirt, as you may not find them so easily.

6. Hit the road...


Sorry to all dad's old hunting buddies - you may be replaced, in about ten years.

7. Facial hair at 3 months?!


Turn your baby into the manliest looking infant you've ever seen.

8. Family hunting traditions


It's important to introduce your kids to family traditions early.

9. Matching camo set


A matching orange camouflage set for the safest, most color-coordinated of infants.

10. Priorities


Probably in that order, but we'll see how the first two go.

11. Good job dad!


This just proves that hunting is part of a balanced education.

12. What...where did he go...?


When dad does come back, he's going to have grown fur all over his face and need a bath.

13. Uncle Si and Phil would be proud


Complemented with a pink bow.

14. For those awkward infant years...


You can either use this bib, or see number 7 in this slideshow.

15. Just hanging out with the guys...


He definitely looks ready for the deer stand.

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15 Best Hunting Outfits for Babies [PICS]