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14-Year-Old Bowhunter Harvests Pennsylvania Buck in Shot of Lifetime


A late-afternoon hunt resulted in a massive harvest for this 14-year-old Pennsylvanian.

Quinton Egger, 14, missed a Pennsylvania buck during his hunt before school started on the morning of Nov. 11. After he missed, he decided that something wasn't quite right with his compound bow and tuned it up after school before making his way into the woods.

The ninth grader's passion for archery started in the fourth grade after he found a long bow that belonged to his great-grandfather. He learned how to use the family bow and then moved on to modern archery equipment.

After sighting in his equipment, Quinton and his father, Chuck, crept into the woods for late-afternoon hunt only a few miles from their home. Quinton quickly settled into his single-man stand with his father crouched down at the base of the tree. Not long after, he noticed the buck around 150-200 yards away and watched as the buck changed direction and began to head his way.

"He said it was coming. We usually hunt out of a two-man stand, but that night we were at a one-man stand. I got down real low. I almost got on my hands and knee," Chuck Egger told

The Pennsylvania buck continued to lumber through the woods and was finally within about 40 yards. Quinton had practiced and was confident, but he knew his compound bow was only sighted in for 30 yards.

With only 3 days left to the season end and the sunlight fading quickly, the buck turned broadside and Quinton knew the opportunity would soon be lost.

"He wasn't coming an closer. It was my last window," Quinton recalls.

He raised his bow, aiming slightly higher to compensate for the distance, and released his arrow.

Things looked questionable as Quinton lost sight of the deer and they had very little blood to follow. However, the pair found the deer only about 100 yards from their original spot. Despite the lack of blood, the bucks impressive rack stood out among the leaves.

The 14-point monster weight somewhere between 245-260 lbs and had a beautiful rack, still in velvet, that had an inside spread of 20.5 inches and an outside spread of 23.5 inches. Quinton is excited with anticipation to get the buck officially scored.

It's no doubt that this will be a hunt Quinton does not soon forget.

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14-Year-Old Bowhunter Harvests Pennsylvania Buck in Shot of Lifetime