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Is This 14″ Barreled Mossberg Shotgun Legal? [VIDEO]

This shorter-than 18″ barreled shotgun is indeed legal, with only a 14″ barrel.

How can this be legal, you may ask?

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Watch the video and find out how.


This pistol grip-only shotgun is actually exempt from National Firearms Act laws, due to that the fact that it never came with a stock. The Shockwave grip keeps the 14″ barrel legal since the overall length is still a in-the-books 26″. The shotgun’s overall length comes in at 26.5″ long.

This interesting conversion actually mates a Mossberg 500 and a Mossberg 590 together to achieve the desired shotgun.

Of you are in the market for a slick short barreled pump action shotgun, look no further than Auger Precision Firearms.

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Is This 14″ Barreled Mossberg Shotgun Legal? [VIDEO]