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132-Year-Old Winchester Rifle Found in Nevada's Great Basin National Park

Ever dream of hiking a remote wilderness and finding a piece of treasure?

A rusted and beaten rifle has been recovered in the Great Basin National Park in Nevada. Records state that this Winchester rifle was shipped in 1882, but that is all that is known  about the history of this amazing relic. It somehow survived 132 years leaning against a tree in the wilds.

It was found leaning against an old juniper tree on a remote rocky outcrop; the stock weathered to a grey coloration, and the barrel rusted to a brown color. Talk about the perfect camouflage for a forgotten rifle!

Who was the last person to hold this rifle before it sat against that tree for perhaps well over a century? Was it a wayward prospector that lost his way and ultimately lost his life? Maybe it was forgotten long ago by a cowboy in a hurry to chase the cattle to market? Maybe it was a Native American's rifle who sat there ready for action when needed? The questions just mound up with no answers. The mystery just gets grander!

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Here is a picture of a Winchester model 1873 in a much better shape than the found rifle. It is amazing anything is left of the rifle that was found after all of the years in the elements.


When you are in the wilds, keep your eyes open! You may stumble upon an ancient find and save a piece of history too.


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132-Year-Old Winchester Rifle Found in Nevada's Great Basin National Park