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13 Tents That Would Make Great Holiday Gifts

Give the gift of shelter this holiday, and check out these tents for gifts to give the camper on your list.

Hilleberg Jannu

I’ve heard that most people don’t like getting rained on, and I’m guessing you’d prefer that your loved ones aren’t laying out in the cold. Try killing both birds this holiday season with some of these nifty tents.

Take a look at the suggestions for the ideal tents this holiday season.

Sky Tent 2 Bunk Hammock

God bless the genius who combined your two favorite kinds of beds. The Sky Tent 2 from Hammock Bliss is not the most rugged or high performance option, but that’s hardly the point.

HEIMPLANET Cave Geodesic Dome

For fans of Buckminster Fuller, HEIMPLANET introduces its Cave model. The odd shape makes that inflatable frame very strong for its weight.

NEMO Gogo Elite

Nemo’s Gogo Elite is a great gift for mountaineers and hardcore trekkers. Between its small size and light, inflatable frame, it’s perfect for saving ounces.

Coleman Sundome

While all of the above are pretty cool, there’s nothing wrong with a classic. Coleman updates the tried and true dome tent with improved materials  and an electric access port.

Big Agnes Big House 6 with Vestibule

If you happen to need a vestibule, I don’t think they come much larger than the Big Agnes Big House 6. Great for base camping. Check out the doormat!

Hilleberg Jannu

The Hilleberg Jannu is an impressively engineered mountaineering tent. Sturdy, light, and compact, it’s equipped to go basically anywhere.

Terra Nova Solar 2

Terra Nova claims that the Solar 2 is the world’s lightest self-supporting two-person tent. But they would say that, wouldn’t they? Still, campers have been impressed, and it comes highly recommended.

NEMO Veda 2P Trekking Pole Tent

The Veda 2P by Nemo makes great use of the trekking pole frame.

Big Agnes Wyoming Trail 4

The Wyoming Trail 4 from Big Agnes would be a pretty standard base camp tent if not for its nifty privacy feature. The two separate sleeping areas are separated by a common vestibule that can be used for gear storage, or as an outdoor living room.

Oztent RV-5

As truck tents go, the RV-5 is pretty efficient at creating usable space with minimal fabric.

Rightline Pop-Up Tent

I’m a little skeptical of the pop-up tent as a serious camping tool, but Rightline’s models are the best there are. It’s a good place to start if you’re interested in trying it out.

Black Diamond Deluxe Cliff Cabana

The Cliff Cabana sleeps two, and won’t plummet to a rocky death. Ready for a romantic evening hanging over a gaping abyss?

Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltraMid

The most expensive tarp you will ever buy. In its defense, the UltraMid 2 is a really, really good tarp.

flickr/MIKI Yoshihito

Throw in the gift of knowledge (an excellent stocking stuffer) with these winter camping tips.

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13 Tents That Would Make Great Holiday Gifts