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13 Telltale Signs You’re Addicted to Deer Hunting

addicted to deer hunting

Any avid hunter can relate to these “symptoms” of the hobby some might see as an addiction. 

Welcome to Hunters Anonymous.

Can’t stop thinking about deer hunting? You might be addicted, but that’s okay. Not sure if you fall into the “addict” category? Read on to find out.

1. You’ve called in sick to work or school in order to go hunting.

Legendary Whitetails

Buck fever always seems to have terrible breakout in November. Thankfully for hunters, doctors haven’t found a cure.

2. You use vacation days to go hunting.

If the call-in-sick card has been used too many times, burning vacation days might be the only option to head to the tree stand. Many people take ‘rut vacations’ and it can be an extremely memorable vacation.

3. You wish you could clone yourself to hunt two spots at once.


I mean, who hasn’t thought of this? During peak rut with big bucks cruising, cloning yourself would only double your odds!

4. Your bank account would have an extra comma if it weren’t for all the gear.


It’s no surprise hunting can be expensive, but if your finances get out of whack during deer season, you might be addicted (and that’s okay).

5. Deer scent finds its way into the fridge every year.

Hunting Common Scents

Refrigerating fresh deer scent can improve its longevity. What else is there to do besides put it in the fridge?

6. Your weekends are already planned for the next three months.

7. During the short time you’re home, a hunting show is on the TV.

The Outdoor Channel quickly becomes the most-played station on the TV. Don’t have cable? Time to bust out old hunting DVDs.

8. “Date Night” soon becomes “bringing your significant other along for a hunt.”


What could be better? It might not be easy to convince your significant other, but it’s worth a try.

9. Your 4:00 A.M. alarm can’t come soon enough.

Hunt Masters

On a workday, the alarm is the last thing anyone wants to hear, but if you’re going hunting, it’s music to the ears.

10. When driving, fields draw more attention than the road.

Try keeping eyes on the road… but we all know it’s hard when deer are feeding in the field.

11. Your phone is full of trail camera photos and big bucks.


Swiper after swipe, it’s deer and trail camera pictures.

12. Surgeries are scheduled around hunting season.

We all know the guy who skipped on a shoulder or knee surgery until spring.

13. You firmly believe opening day should be a national holiday.

Drury Outdoors

If it were, it’d save a lot of people vacation days.

Are you exhibiting any other symptoms of hunting addiction? Time to head to the deer stand for another fix…


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13 Telltale Signs You’re Addicted to Deer Hunting