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13-Point Buck Gets Stuck in Michigan Auto Body Shop

A big buck got itself trapped in a Michigan body shop that specializes in deer collision damages. Ironic?

A sign in front of the Car Collision Carstar in Grand Rapids Michigan reads: “Hit a deer, deer hit you. We can fix it.”

The sign was especially fitting when a 13-point buck wandered into the building on Tuesday.


The seemingly lost buck was seen running down a sidewalk before it ducked into the business through a delivery door, reports. When it ran down a set of steps leading to a doorway, it became confused and got stuck.

“It was just kind of pacing around for a while,” the shop’s General Manager Terry Vanden Toorn said.


While waiting for authorities to arrive, someone from the business was able to snap some great photos of the buck. They show the buck panting and looking disoriented at the bottom of the steps next to a box and snowblower.

Eventually the buck was removed after being tranquilized by an officer with the Department of Natural Resources. There was no word on the deer’s status or where it was taken.


Michigan’s bow season has been in full swing for over a month now, and firearms deer season opens on Sunday. Vanden Toorn couldn’t help but joke about that fact with the business’ odd visitor.

“All the hunters out there, they’re waiting in the woods when they should have just come here,” said Toorn.

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13-Point Buck Gets Stuck in Michigan Auto Body Shop