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15 Images of People With Guns in Google Street View [PICS]

Google Street View has some truly strange images of people wielding guns.


Google's camera cars have taken pictures of  people on streets all around the world, so it's no surprise  that some weird pictures would eventually turn up. We gathered 15 Google Street View images of people with guns on the street. Some of the images appear to capture a crime at the moment it happened. One image shows a Colombian gangbanger firing at the Google camera car. Another shows a young boy pointing a gun at another child. It's a strange world out there.

Google Street View has several other bizarre and candid images not related to guns. Artist Jon Rafman has compiled a treasure trove of them on his site It's worth a look.

Welcome to Detroit

This was the the same house where a 17-month-old-girl was found dead in June 2012. Apparently, this photo was taken sometime in September of 2009.

Those are toy guns, right?

Romanian kids pack some serious heat

Meanwhile in South Africa

South Oakley Avenue in Chicago

Colombian gangbanger shoots at the Google car

Somewhere in Rapid City, South Dakota

Outside a Russian gun and hunting club

This is actually from, a Russian equivalent of Google Street View.

Russian soldiers

American kids with what appear to be airsoft rifles

Rio De Janaiero, Brazil

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Young Brazilian hood with a gun

Jerusalem, Israel

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15 Images of People With Guns in Google Street View [PICS]