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12 Great Game Calls for 2014 Hunting Season

Here's a rundown of some good game calls for 2014 elk, deer, and bird hunting.


There are a lot of choices when it comes to game calls, and we wanted to help make the decision a little easier.

Even though the main hunting season is still months away, choosing, learning and mastering game calls is good to finish up beforehand. Then it's one less thing you'll have to worry about during the (typically) short season.

View the slideshows to see our picks for 2014's ideal game calls.

1. Haydel's Game Calls Dove Call

Most dove hunters don't bother with a call, but that might change if they used the Haydel's Game Calls Dove Call just once.

The effectiveness is pretty impressive, it's easy to use and it's super durable, making for a great mimic sound when needed.

Price: $14.99

2. Duck Commander™ WD-1 Wood Duck Call

Duck season isn't too far away, and who better to design and make your wood duck call than the Duck Commander boys?

This WD-1 Wood Duck Call is a true capture of the squeal, it's made of high impact plastic for durability, and it will bring in those woodies to your local beaver pond when you need it to.

Price: $19.99

3. Duck Commander™ 1972 Premium Series Duck Calls

Another Duck Commander choice, this 1972 Premium Series Duck Call is representative of where it all started.

The color choices are all great-looking, and the double reed call will ensure quality and effectiveness for a long time.

Price: $69.99-89.99

4. Tim Grounds "G" Overhauler Goose Call

For a short reed call, the Tim Grounds "G" Overhauler Goose Call gets the job done with a legendary Triple Crown Gut System.

That lets the caller run a wide range of volume and control just what the need with precision.

Price: $149.99

5. Primos® Hook Hunter™ Turkey Calls

This two-pack of Primos Hook Hunter Turkey Calls keep your hands free with mouth call greatness.

The reeds are premium gauge and the cuts are made by hand with total precision.

Price: $19.99

6. flextone Buck Collector Deer Call

Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector Brotherhood inspired and designed this flextone Buck Collector Deer Call.

A rubberized body and useful labeled buttons show you just where to get the best fawn, doe and buck bleats and wheezes.

Price: $19.99

7. Knight & Hale Pack Rack Magnum Rattling System Deer Call

Look to the Knight & Hale Pack Rack Magnum Rattling System for a customized but also compact set of antler rattlers.

Instead of the pack space needed for a full set of antlers, this system keeps everything in a small package while still reproducing big sounds and great results.

Price: $26.99

8. Hunter's Specialties Kruncher Call

For something new, try the Hunter's Specialties Kruncher Call, which imitates the noise of feeding, which has proven to calm and relax surrounding deer.

When the moment's a little too tense for your liking, the Kruncher Call might just be the ticket to cool things down.

Price: $6.99

9. Primos Elk Hunter's Master Pack

When you're ready to invest in a total elk calling package, the Primos Elk Hunter's Master Pack is where you're going to end up.

This pack comes complete with the world-famous Hoochie Mama, a Super Pack Bugle, a Hyper Plate Single diaphragm, and an instructional DVD to master each call.

Price: $64.99

10. Carlton's Calls Estrus Squeeze Me Elk Cow Call

If you want to attract the big boys, you usually have to sound like the little girls. Nail down cow and calf sounds with the Carlton's Calls Estrus Squeeze Me Elk Cow Call.

Whether long distance or close up calls are needed, his one can take care of them all.

Price: $29.99

11. Buck Gardner Predator Power Pack

If you know you'll be predator hunting this upcoming season, the Buck Gardner Predator Power Pack may be all you need.

It includes a rabbit distress, coaxer, raspy rabbit and two fur calls for the ultimate package.

Price: $29.99

12. Carlton's Calls Deluxe Moose Call Kit

Canadian or northern US moose are being hunted more and more often these days, and the Carlton's Calls Deluxe Moose Call Kit can help beginners or the experienced.

It includes an instructional DVD to explain some of the finer points of moose calling, and a camo cover and lanyard come standard.

Prive: $39.99

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12 Great Game Calls for 2014 Hunting Season