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13-Foot Tiger Shark Shocks Spearfisherman in Hawaii [VIDEO]

Sneaky giant tiger shark appears out of nowhere, trying to steal a spearfisherman's dinner.

There is always the element of danger with spearfishing; blood from the fish saturates the water the instant its hit, which lures in bigger predators. You also can't hear or smell and your sight is limited, especially in murky water.

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In 10-12 feet of water 150 feet off shore, this fisherman spears his second fish and hangs it on the stringer. When he turns around, a massive tiger shark appears out of nowhere only a few feet away and the fisherman's spear gun is uncocked.


Tiger sharks are regarded as one of the most dangerous species of sharks; indiscriminate and voracious eaters, their stomachs have been found to contain anything from horses and goats to license plates.

This would be a bit nerve-wracking.

Shaka brah, dude.

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13-Foot Tiger Shark Shocks Spearfisherman in Hawaii [VIDEO]