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13-Foot Hammerhead Landed and Released Off Florida Pier [VIDEO]

A 13-foot hammerhead shark has been caught off a Florida Beach.

As was reported by WSVN News out of Miami/Fort Lauderdale Florida, a 13-foot hammerhead was caught last week by a pier fisherman known as Veli off Lauderdale-By-The-Sea on Monday.

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Ryan Bolash and a few friends were able to pull the fish onto the beach to cut the line, do a quick measurement and inadvertently give plenty of beach goers a photo op.

Bolash exclaimed there's "a lot of adrenaline running through your body, it's not easy."

The InfinityFishingTeam, which includes Bolash, captured this video and posted it to YouTube.

Once the shark was on shore and pictures were taken, Bolash and his mates thankfully did the right thing. They cut the line close to the fish's mouth and  safely dragged the creature back into the water and watched it make it's way back out to sea.

Bolash said " It's an achievement. It's cool to catch something that big and have a picture and show everyone and be like, 'Look at what I caught' It's the ultimate catch."

Kudos' to these guys for not only making a great catch but saving only great memories. These animals are to be respected, not unduly feared or slaughtered for their fins. Job well done!

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13-Foot Hammerhead Landed and Released Off Florida Pier [VIDEO]