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13-Foot, 600-Pound Monster Gator Taken in Georgia


Just this month, a 13-foot, 600-pound monster gator was harvested in Georgia.

The alligator was hunted by Chad Young and his buddies, as reported by WTSP. It took the crew over four hours and six shots to get the beast into the boat. After the long fight they realized just how massive this gator really was: 13 feet long and over 650 pounds.

Chad Young and friends pose with their catch of the day.
Chad Young and friends pose with their catch of the day.

45 years ago such a beast was born and, until recently, dwelled in one of Georgia’s premier waterways, Lake Blackshear (which is a popular lake for recreation including swimming, waterskiing, and fishing).

Lake Blackshear is fed by the Flint River, the same river that boasted another 13 foot gator captured by a hunter in 2013 (see here). Guess there really is something in the water!

13 Foot Gator<a href="">link text</a>
13 Foot Gator

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Even still, the Georgia record stands. Regardless, Lake Blackshear natives will sleep better knowing that this dino-gator is out of the water.

They haunt your nightmares. They capture the unrest of people all over. Behemoth alligators, though, are more than just the stuff of campfire ghost stories, they are the very real monsters lurking beneath the surface.

Monster gators are alive and well all across the south. Most survive and thrive by avoiding their only predators, humans, and sticking to their territory – the deep, untouched, and untamed swamps of the deep woods.

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13-Foot, 600-Pound Monster Gator Taken in Georgia