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13 Winter Emergency Supplies from Brownells

Check out the awesome deals on the sort of emergency supplies everyone can use.


It's that time of year: our country gets hit by bad snow storms, and some places are more prepared than others. It's unfortunate to read about the hardships that can be avoided, like long electrical outages, car accidents and even hypothermia, with a few simple supplies and wherewithal. Brownells is here to help with that.

Take a look at some of their winter weather emergency supplies. Your preparedness should be irrefutable.

View the images to see the best Brownells has to offer in emergency supplies.

Bump things up a notch with the Ultimate Car Kit, which includes all this:

  • Red Rock Small Paramedic Bag
  • ESG Patch
  • Adventure Medical Weekender First Aid Kit
  • Gerber E Tool With Pick
  • Gerber Multi-Tool
  • UST Blastmatch
  • Emergency Fire Starter
  • Polytac LED Tac Light
  • Illumistick 2 Pack
  • 2 Pack Replacement Batteries
  • SOL Emergency Blanket
  • Adventure Bath Wipes
  • Rescue Flash Mirror

And of course, a Winter Upgrade makes sense, with:

  • Emergency Zone Reusable Hand Warmers
  • Condor Outdoors Shemagh Tan/Black
  • Stansport Camp Blanket

Just make sure you've got everything on this checklist.

A Home Emergency Kit is vital as well. Don't get caught without one.

If you're stranded without warmth, a strong blanket like the Condor Shemagh will make a huge difference.

Electricity and battery charge is always a concern in bad winter weather, so be prepared with a Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit.

Another smart idea is the Digital Emergency Crank Radio w/Weather Alert.

The SOL 2-Person Emergency Bivvy is made of heat-reflective polyethylene and could save your life.

When caught in the dark, the Brownells Versatile Light is all you need.

The Emergency Get Home Bag has a host of key supplies to sustain life and help get you through a major disaster.

Coleman's great Compass Lensatic will point you in the right direction, and get you to safety sooner.

VOO DOO's "The Basic" MRE will last a long time and come in large bulk cases.

Make sure you have a Fire Lite Kit and you'll be in the clear if a fire is needed.

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13 Winter Emergency Supplies from Brownells