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13 Ducklings Adopt a Man Who Saved Them [VIDEO]

Watch as this group of ducklings waddle along behind the man who they think of as their mom.

YouTube user Michael Sargent, the man’s neighbor, recently uploaded the video for people to enjoy.

The thirteen ducklings were still inside their eggs when their mother was killed. Had it not been for this nature loving man, there would have been no hope for the ducks.

Luckily, the man placed the eggs in an incubator until they hatched and promptly imprinted on him.

Considering all the work the man already put into hatching the brood of ducklings, it can probably safely be said that he will make sure they are well taken care of.

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Ducks are the most common animal associated with imprinting, but other species have been known to do it as well. Natural instinct is a powerful thing, which us outdoorsmen and women know all too well.

Have you ever taken care of an orphaned  wild animal? If so, share your stories below.

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13 Ducklings Adopt a Man Who Saved Them [VIDEO]