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13 Christmas Decorations for Hunters [PICS]


There's no reason we can't mix our hunting passion with our Christmas spirit!

Take a look at these 12 hunting-themed Christmas decorations and start filling your home with the holiday/hunting spirit!

13. The coolest tree topper of all time. 

CD 2
Life in Bonita Springs


12. Adding some green color to your antlers on the wall can give you a good Christmas feel. 

CD 1
Habitually Chic/Luxury


11. Here is a cool DIY Christmas/hunting theme. 

CD 3


10. Festive, yet manly. 

CD 4
Pinterest/Mandy Drew


9. Hang some lights around the antlers and maybe a little DIY picture frame, and you will have the Christmas spirit flowing in no time.

CD 5


8. Jingle bells and shotgun shells. 

CD 6


7. Poor buck has a princess tiara on his head...But hey, I feel the Christmas spirit and that's all that matters. 

CD 7
Junky Gypsy

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6. This is for all of you that happen to have a white deer head with golden antlers...or a can of spray paint. 

CD 8
Home Stories A to Z


5. Sheds make great ornaments!

CD 11
Pinterest/Emily Yates


4. For the extremist. You might have seen this in Antler Art: 20 Ways to Use Those Old Racks Lying Around.

CD 9
Carla Aston


3. I'm pretty sure this is the best ornament...ever. You could even put a little hunting picture in the middle to really customize it. 

CD 10
Fun Christmas Ornaments


2. Use an antler shed to hang your stockings over the fire. 

CD 12
Family Holiday


1. The ultimate deer hunter's Christmas decorations might look something like this. 

CD 13
Peach Parts

Take these ideas and do what you will, or maybe even come up with some of your own unique ideas. Just get out there and get that Christmas spirit in the air!

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13 Christmas Decorations for Hunters [PICS]