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13 Bizarre Fish Houses You Probably Wouldn’t Use

fish houses

There’s ice fishing, and then there’s ice fishing in style.

If you go ice fishing with any regularity, you’ve probably seen some unusual contraptions and fish houses. Us ice anglers get some strange ideas sometimes.

But we doubt you’ve ever seen fish houses like these.

Take a look below and ask yourself which of your friends would roll onto the lake with one of them. The hilarious looks they get might be worth it.

1. Because sometimes you just need a mermaid on your fish house.

fish houses painting
Earl Senchuk Designs

2. “I don’t know what Jonah was talking about. It’s pretty comfortable in here.”

fish houses orca
Montana Outdoor

3. Why not bring all the comforts of home with you? Including the porch, lawn ornaments, and trees.

ice fishing shelters sweet home
Relax Shacks

4. Mad points for creativity, I guess…?

fish houses car
Relax Shacks

5. “Honey, I got us tickets to the spa. The package I bought even comes with a bomber hat, fishing pole, and some bait!”

ice fishing shelters sauna
Toronto Sun

6. These things still blow my mind. You bet I would roll onto the lake in one of these.

ice fishing shelters wildcraft

7. “This is my island in the sun!”

ice fishing shelters tropical

8. This creative fish house fits right in the back of your truck and could be pulled across the ice as well.

ice fishing shelters truckbed
Koenders Outback

9. For those ice anglers with a gambling addiction.

fish houses dice

10. Hope the wind doesn’t kick up when you’re in here.

fish houses plastic
Cottage Life DIY

11. Don’t stray too far from one of these mirrored fish houses or you won’t find it again.

fish houses mirror

12. You’d spend more time chatting with astonished anglers than you would fishing in this 22-foot walleye.

fish houses walleye
Ottawa Sun

13. “Well, there’s your problem…”

fish houses sinking
Rooms with Style

If you enjoyed these, you’ll really get a laugh out of these ice fishing fails!

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13 Bizarre Fish Houses You Probably Wouldn’t Use