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Why Won't This 120-Pound Louisiana Record Blue Catfish Count as a Record?

FB/Justin Coco

Just to be clear, snagging catfish is legal in Louisiana.

An absolutely enormous 120-pound blue catfish has been caught, umm, I mean, snagged in Louisiana. Had this fish been caught by a sporting means, it would have easily broken the current state record by over six pounds. Unfortunately, this record blue catfish was snagged, although legal in the state, it has been disqualified from history.

Justin Coco is the lucky angler that set hooks into the would-be record.

"I've snagged a bunch of big fish," said Coco in an interview about his giant catch. "It's actually one of the hardest methods of fishing."

FB/Justin Coco

Rules on this type of fishing are very clear. As a matter of fact, the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association clarified what it means to catch a fish in a sporting way.

"Fish must be caught by a sporting means (hooked by the mouth) on rod, reel and line or some other conventional form of regular fishing tackle," as per the rules. "Fish caught on hand lines, set lines or any form of net, trap or seine are not eligible. Fish mutilated by shooting, foul hooking, snagging or by other fish, such as sharks are not eligible."

Even though the record blue catfish was snagged, there's no denying that it is still a fish of epic proportions.

"I felt like I was hung," Coco said. "He started stripping drag heading straight down the river. I didn't move on the bank -- I stood where I was at and fought him until he wore down. Once he wore down and got through pulling my drag out, I finally got the chance to get him in."

Where snagging is legal, there's just not much you can say about this fish except congrats to the angler.


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Why Won't This 120-Pound Louisiana Record Blue Catfish Count as a Record?