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12-Year-Old Makes Ridiculously Long Shot On a Bull Elk [VIDEO]

Watch as a young hunter makes an impressive long shot on a bull elk.

Younger hunters have a distinct advantage; these days, we fully recognize the opportunities kids have to learn, develop and mature through the outdoors, and specifically while hunting. The advantage is we make strong efforts to create positive experiences for these kids. When most of us were first learning how to hunt, it was just what we and our parents or grandparents did. There were no youth hunting seasons or mentor programs.

This video from Gunwerks highlights some of the greatest parts of hunting with youngsters.

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The old saying ‘Reach out and touch them’ has a new set of standards…

As a 12 year old, I’m sure he has a lifetime of hunting ahead of him, but I doubt he will ever top that shot.

Well done sir.

What did you think, does this kid have sniper school in his future?

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12-Year-Old Makes Ridiculously Long Shot On a Bull Elk [VIDEO]