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12-Year-Old Prodigy Claims Gold at World Fly Fishing Championship

Not only did this girl win gold, it was against the adults. 

Not enough has been said lately about 12-year-old fly fishing prodigy Maxine McCormick. She is basically undefeated in her age class and a top contender every year for all ages in fly fishing contests across the US. Now, she just went and won gold at the World Fly Fishing Championship in Estonia, becoming the youngest angler to ever do so.

Here she is going for the gold in the Trout Accuracy division.

The basis of this contest doesn’t seem very hard. Anglers just line up on the dock you saw in the background and try to land flies inside the rings. However, if you have ever tried to be accurate with a fly rod, you’ve found it’s harder than it looks.

What makes this story just a little bit more incredible is that McCormick didn’t win her gold medal alone. In fact, she tied with her coach, Chris Korich. These two typically go neck and neck against each other every time they compete. In this round, it just so happened to be a draw.

The scary thing is that this girl is only going to get better.


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12-Year-Old Prodigy Claims Gold at World Fly Fishing Championship