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12-Year-Old Kills a Monster 18-Point Buck and the Story is Hilarious

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When it comes to swapping monster buck stories, ones like these are some of the best there are.

On September 3rd, 12-year-old Ethan O’Brien had a shot at a monster buck. The amazing story goes like this.

Ethan is on an afternoon hunt in Kansas with his host, Kent Marr. Both hunters had watched the huge buck for some time and decided it was time to make the shot. However, Ethan had one small problem. It was pee time.

Thats right, just as it was time to pull the trigger, Ethan had other plans.

“I was expecting him to take the shot and he says, ‘I gotta pee,’” said Marr. “I told him to hold it and he said, ‘No, I really have to pee, now!’ So he walked over and peed.”

What is amazing is that the buck stayed put the entire time. Ethan got up, peed, and made his way back in position without the buck spooking over the noise and movement.

According to Marr, “This buck was just meant to be for this kid.”

Tom O’Brien, Ethans’s dad, says that they started planning this hunting trip a long time ago. However, their hunting plans quickly changed when Ethan’s mom was diagnosed with cancer.

“We were gone 40-plus days this summer for treatment in Illinois,” Tom O’Brien said. “We missed both of our boys’ birthdays and a lot of what they were doing.”

With everything going on it was nearly impossible for Tom and Ethan to scout out any good hunting spots for the opening day of the youth season.

Luckily, Kent Marr came to the rescue. Kent is a fantastic deer hunter and had put in some serious scouting. Marr’s legwork lead him to uncovering where a whole mess of big bucks liked to hang out.

“I think it’s important we get more kids out there hunting,” said Kent Marr, “but it’s gotten harder for me to find a kid to take. It seems all they want to do these days is play video games.”

Tom O’Brien and Kent Marr work together, and when Kent heard Ethan was without a hunting partner, he sprang into action.

During opening day Marr and Ethan found themselves staring at multiple trophy deer working a soybean field as the sun was setting. When it came time to shoot, buck fever kicked in hard.

“My knees were shaking so bad I couldn’t hold the rifle still,” Ethan said. “I tried locking my knees but I was still shaking so bad.” It was not long after the buck fever passed that Ethan had to pee.

Luckily Ethan was able to pee, conquer his buck fever, and place a good shot on this trophy deer!

At the end of the day, that was some good work pulling the whole thing together. With a big monster buck like that in front of me, I would have had a hard time sitting still myself.


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12-Year-Old Kills a Monster 18-Point Buck and the Story is Hilarious