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12-Year-Old Girl Takes Giant Nebraska Elk After Securing Rare Tag

Nebraska Game Parks

Tagging out with a Nebraska elk this big is simply incredible. 

Tyler Rystrom was hunting with her grandfather during the limited Nebraska elk hunting season this past October. To be drawn for this tag is rare thing, Nebraskans often try for years to get a tag. When they do, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime permit. For Rystrom, at only age 12, this was her first time applying and she made the most out of the opportunity in big way.

“I’ve known of people who’ve sent in for 10 years and not got it,” said Tom Schleichardt, Rystrom’s grandfather. “It’s a limited once-in-a-lifetime permit.”

At age 12, the youngest age of hunter eligibility for an elk tag, Rystrom is not your typical girl. She has already crossed a whitetail, mule deer, and a turkey off of her list, all with the help of her grandfather. An elk was next.

According to the story, on the weekend of October 3, Rystrom stepped up to the challenge. Again, with the help of her grandfather, they tracked a 6×6 Nebraska elk for two miles. The next day, she took a shot that downed the monster.

In order for all this to fall into place, a certain level of maturity has to be there for any kid to take an elk. Rystrom is a world champion horse rider. She has more experience than many twice her age when it comes to being in the outdoors.

“She’s a very responsible kid. I think above all else, she has a deep love for outdoors and animals,” said Shelley Rystrom, Tyler’s mother. “It’s very emotional for her to shoot one. She understands the reasons why you hunt so carefully. She really understands keeping numbers down and the benefit of eating what she kills.”

Congratulations, Tyler! What an incredible bull elk!

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12-Year-Old Girl Takes Giant Nebraska Elk After Securing Rare Tag