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12-Year-Old Girl Receives Threats for Online Hunting Photos

aryanna gourdin 12 year old hunter controvery
Braids and Bows

It's the latest story of the world disagreeing on hunting but this time, taking it out on a 12-year-old girl.

As hunters, we cherish the time we spend together with our families. We enjoy the school sporting events, camping trips, vacations and cook outs. We also enjoy watching our children grow up and choose to be hunters.

Aryanna Gourdin, a 12-year-old girl from Utah, is one of those children. She started her Facebook page, Braids and Bows, posted a few of her hunting photos, and then watch the internet trolls come out of the wood works. These people, who claim to be against "killing" and "hunting" are threatening Aryanna's life with statements like, "I'd like to hunt you and put an arrow right thru your head and see how you like it, you disgusting excuse for a human being."

aryanna gourdin 12 year old girl hunter

ABC Covered the story below and Aryanna was able to share some of her thoughts on the situation.

Standing up for what you believe in is something to be proud of. Just like the anti-hunters have a right to disagree with hunting, Aryanna has a right, a legal right, to hunt.

As a hunter, the thought of responding to these comments on her Facebook page may cross your mind. It appears as though there is a lack of education in the anti-hunting world. Aryanna touched on the importance of trophy hunting and how it helps in conservation. She mentions how animals such as the African white rhinoceros costs roughly $350,000 to hunt. Only five are legally allowed to be harvested a year and many times the meat and money from these hunts go directly to the villages and conservation.

She also mentions that many of these uneducated people, focus more of their time of the hunters, who are actually working to help conservation as apposed to focusing on illegal poachers. Standing up for what you believe in is, even if you may not be correct, envious. Threatening a twelve year old girl's life because you disagree with what she does and are uneducated in how legal trophy hunting works, doesn't make it a controversy, it makes you a bully and no one likes bullies.

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12-Year-Old Girl Receives Threats for Online Hunting Photos