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12-Year-Old Girl Catches Sheepshead Record in New York

This New York sheepshead record is one big fish! 

Amelia Whalen of Witherbee, New York, just caught a huge fish out of Lake Champlain. As a matter of fact, this fish is so big it has become the new sheepshead record for the state.

If you aren’t familiar with the slang term of the species, it is also commonly known a freshwater drum. Regardless of the name of the fish, it’s a big one and deserves a little recognition.


After official weights and lengths were measured out, the drum was registered at 36.5 inches and weighed 29 pounds, 14 ounces. After being confirmed, the new sheepshead record broke the previous record by nearly three pounds.

“This state record is just another example of the great fishing opportunities New York has to offer, even for lesser known species such as the freshwater drum,” said DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) Commissioner Basil Seggos in an interview. “No matter what time of year, angling possibilities in this state are endless, and I congratulate Amelia on her accomplishment, which is quite a feat for any angler, let alone a 12-year-old.”

I believe the commissioner got it right when he mentioned that is a great fish for anybody. However, the fact this fish was caught by a 12-year-old girl only makes it that much more special.

Awesome fish Amelia! Hopefully this record stands for long time!


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12-Year-Old Girl Catches Sheepshead Record in New York