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12-Year-Old Catches 8-Foot Tiger Shark in Florida [VIDEO]

It's one thing to catch a fish bigger than your dad's; it's another to catch a fish bigger than you.

Youth outdoorsmen, especially anglers, always seem to one-up their older counterparts, don't they? In this video, a 12-year-old does exactly that.

After what Kip Houghton, the 12-year-old from Melbourne Beach, told Florida Today was the "hardest 40 minutes of his life," he and the crew of the charter fishing boat he was on with his family lugged the 8-foot monster aboard.

This catch is notable because of it's size, first and foremost. Young tiger sharks found in the coastal waters like Florida are typically only 5- to 7-feet long, (although adult tigers up to 12-feet long have been reported) and those of average are typically around 700 pounds. How much would an 8-footer weigh?

We're not sure, but we're betting it's more than a 12-year-old.

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This was a catch-and-release encounter, and the family let the shark go, although they do say they're planning on building a "replica" shark to have as a trophy when they return home. Local coverage of the catch can be found here.

Replica shark huh? We wonder if that would fair against a robo-fish.

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12-Year-Old Catches 8-Foot Tiger Shark in Florida [VIDEO]