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12-Year-Old Anastasia Can Reload and Fire Faster than You

Watch a young lady with the ability to reload and fire at a pace that will make your head swim. Here’s what practice and skill can do for you.

A video posted by Mat Stt lists Anastasia Stativka as a 12-year-old youth shooter with some serious skills!

In the beginning she looks just like any other girl her age doing what she should be doing: hanging out in her room, listening to her favorite music, and practicing her reloading skills.

By the way, she’s really good at it!

With the summer Olympics just months away it’s a good time to remind ourselves that the shooting sports are one of the most exciting and difficult events in the games.

Youth shooting takes practice and patience to learn the skill needed to become one of the best. Here’s a great look at what it looks like in the beginning of what might be an outstanding career in the shooting world.

Congratulations to this young woman for her outstanding speed and skill!


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12-Year-Old Anastasia Can Reload and Fire Faster than You