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12 Ways to Open a Beer without a Bottle Opener When Camping

Ready to pop a cold one, but can't find a bottle opener around your campsite? We've got you covered.

So, you're back at camp ready to crack open a cold one after a long day on the trail. Or maybe you've been sitting around at camp all day. Whatever you're doing, you're ready to enjoy an ice cold beer. But there's one problem: you can't find a bottle opener.

No sweat. You can use just about any object as a bottle opener. It's all about leverage and using your thumb as a fulcrum.

Here are 12 common camping objects that can quickly pop open a beer.

1. Use your car keys

2. Use a cararbiner

3. Use a lighter

4. Use another beer

Via Outside Online

5. Use a spatula from your mess kit

6. Use a compass

Via Outside Online

7. Use a spoon

8. Use the blunt end of a fork

9. Use your hiking pole

Via Outside Online

10. Use a car seat belt

11. Use your wedding ring

Hook the cap edge on the ring and apply proper pressure. Careful: this could warp the ring.

Via WikiHow

12. Use a rubber band

Wrap a rubber band around the edges of the cap and twist it off with your hands.

Via WikiHow


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12 Ways to Open a Beer without a Bottle Opener When Camping