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12 Things to Remember When Planning the Perfect Bass Fishing Trip

Perfect Bass Fishing Trip

Want to plan the perfect bass fishing trip? Keep these important facts in mind.

Bass fishing can be one of the most fun, and at the same time, one of the most frustrating fish to catch. The more planning you do the better off you will be when it comes time to take your trip. So, check out these twelve things to remember in order to plan the perfect Bass fishing trip.

1. Use gear you are comfortable with

When you think about bass fishing, the first reel many people think of is a baitcaster. While a baitcaster can be great, it is not the only reel that can catch bass.

What is important is not as much what you have, but that you are comfortable using it. someone who has practiced their technique will catch more fish on a $30 rod/reel/lure combo than someone who goes out and spends $500 on the newest gear and lures but doesn’t know how to use it.

Perfect Bass Fishing Trip

2.  You can catch bass all day

A common myth is that you can only catch fish at dusk or dawn, but this is simply not true. Bass will bite all day long, you just have to fish the right way.

Different times of day call for different tactics but they can all be conducive to catching fish. So when planning your perfect bass fishing trip, plan to spend the whole day on the water.

3. Bass fishing is like a big game of hide and seek

Almost any lake or pond you visit is going to have bass in it. Just think of finding them as a big game of hide and seek. Chances are, once you do manage to locate them, they will be biting and you will have a good chance of reeling a few in, but you have to find them first.

The more you know about their habitat the better you will be at finding the sweet spots.

Perfect Bass Fishing Trip


4. Keep records

This is a fishing tactic that is decades old. Keep records of your fishing trips and spots. This will turn the odds in your favor in the game of hide and seek.

Take notes of weather, locations, water levels, baits, techniques, and anything else you think will help you to determine any patterns. If you see some fallen trees or rocks sticking out of the water make a note, then if the water level rises a few feet you can come back to that spot and fish it, because you know what is underwater.

5. Polarized sunglasses are a must

While this may seem like just another accessory, polarized sunglasses can make a huge difference in turning a trip into the perfect one.

Not only are polarized sunglasses good for your eyes to protect them from the sun, but they also help you see down into the water better. This helps more than you think while bass fishing, since you are looking for the fish’s hideout.

Perfect Bass Fishing Trip


6. You don’t have to have a boat

Just because you don’t have a nice shiny bass boat doesn’t mean you can’t have a perfect bass fishing trip. Bass are not just found in the middle of the lake. In fact, along shorelines where trees have fallen into the water or under docks are some of the best places to find bass.

Don’t be disappointed by bank fishing, take advantage of it, just remember to wear dark clothes and try to stay back from the shoreline. If you can see the fish, they can probably see you.

7. If you do have a boat, use it wisely

One of the biggest mistakes people make while bass fishing from a boat, especially in new locations, is moving too much. Sure, that is the nice thing about having a boat: you can move quickly from one part of the lake to another. But don’t be too quick to give up and move to another spot.

Remember that your boat is loud and can scare the fish, and just because you haven’t got a bite doesn’t mean you are not very close to a prime hole. Try casting in different places in the same spot before cranking up and heading across the lake.

Perfect Bass Fishing Trip


8. Check the weather

This tip makes the list for the sole reason of planning. I have not found weather to have a huge effect on the number of bass caught as much as I have seen it have quite an effect on the fishermen.

Just make sure you know the forecast and plan for it. There is nothing worse than being soaking wet for two or three days because you didn’t know it was going to rain the whole trip.

9. Fish with friends

This is the main part of what can really make a perfect bass fishing trip. While a day fishing alone can be nice and refreshing, spending time with good friends is what it is really about. Yeah, you can’t really stretch the size of the bass you caught if they were there to see it, but spending that time together is worth that small sacrifice, plus it gives you something to argue over later.

10. Know your goal

Perfect Bass Fishing Trip


I know what you are thinking, ‘The goal is to catch fish!’ Yes, that is obviously the goal, but decide what you want that to look like before you go.

Do you want to catch big fish, or just catch a lot of fish? This decision can affect your techniques on the trip. If you want to go for a monster bass, you may not catch many fish, but the ones you do are more likely to be bigger; or you can fish smaller ponds and shallower waters and find easier to catch, but smaller bass. If you decide on this before you go then you can focus and have a better chance of success.

11. Practice before you go

It doesn’t matter how long you have been at it, practice is never a bad thing. Grab your rod and reel and head out to the backyard to practice your precision casting. Plan to bring a couple rods, and practice with all of them just in case something happens and one breaks.

This is also a great time to check your line and oil your reels to make sure everything is in pristine condition for the trip.

12. You always need luck

Don’t forget, bass are living creatures. You cannot plan and predict their every move. No matter what you do and how many steps you take to ensure the perfect Bass fishing trip, to make it completely successful you are going to need a little luck. But remember, the more you plan, and the more you prepare, the less luck you will need.

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12 Things to Remember When Planning the Perfect Bass Fishing Trip