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12 Survival Products for the Ultimate Emergency Kit

Here are 12 outdoor survival products you should include in your emergency kit.



If you want to make it out alive when you get lost or stuck in the backcountry, you’ll need to have some essential items with you.

The 12 survival products featured on this list make up a good emergency kit. They cover the essentials, such as food, tools, medical supplies, warmth and protection from the elements, as well as communication devices to help you reach outside help.

Consider adding these items to your emergency kit before you head out on your next adventure.

Click through the slideshow to view 12 outdoor survival products for the ultimate emergency kit.


ACR ResQlink 406 Personal Locator Beacon

If you’re an outdoorsman, a personal locator beacon can be an inexpensive life insurance policy. The ACR ResQlink 406 Personal Locator Beacon is one of the best on the market. This high-powered emergency locator and GPS device will send a distress signal to SAR teams no matter where you are on the planet.  Price: $289.99

Gerber® Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife

The Gerber® Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife is a lightweight and highly-functional survival blade. This 3.25-inch full-tang knife is wrapped with paracord, which can be removed and used for survival tasks. The knife also comes with a reversible sheath that has a removable belt loop.Price: $34.99

Ultimate Survival Technologies SaberCut Maxchete

Cut through brush or hordes of zombies like butter with the Ultimate Survival Technologies SaberCut Maxchete. This durable survival machete has a black oxide-coated steel blade and molded thermoplastic rubber/nylon handle for a comfortable grip. Price: $49.95

Light My Fire 2.0 FireSteel®

The Light My Fire 2.0 FireSteel® is a must-have for any emergency kit. This survival fire starter was originally developed by the Swedish Department of Defense and is used by militaries around the world. It throws a 5,400-degree spark in dry and wet conditions, and has a lifetime of 12,000 strikes. Don’t head into the woods without one. Price: $20.99

Deluxe Survival Kit

The Deluxe Survival Kit has two weeks of food and survival products for one person, or, if you’re solo, this pack will keep you going for two weeks. The kit includes tools, cooking utensils, blankets, first-aid kits, waste bags and much more. Price: Price: $239.00

Adventure Medical Kits SOL Origin™

The Adventure Medical Kits SOL Origin™ has 10 essential survival items in one durable and compact case. The kit includes a rescue flash, a steel knife, an LED flashlight with a 20-hour burntime, a fire starter, waterproof tinder, a survival whistle, 10-feet of nylon cord and stainless steel wire, aluminum foil, safety pins and fishing tackle. All of that fits into one kit about the size of your hand. Price: $39.99

4-Function Survival Tool

Cabela’s 4-Function Survival Tool serves as a whistle, a compass, a magnifying glass, a thermometer and a lanyard, all in one small package. Price: $10.99

Adventure Medical Scout Survival Pak

The Adventure Medical Scout Survival Pak has the bare essential to keep you alive in the wild. Contents include a roll-down closure dry bag, a signal mirror, a whistle, waterproof matches, TinderQuik tinder, a space blanket, duct tape and fishing kit. Price: $25.05

Sawyer® Personal Water Bottle with Filter

If you’re tired of using iodine tablets and drops to purify water, the Sawyer® Personal Water Bottle with Filter is your solution. This 34-ounce water bottle filters water as fast as you drink it. Price: $39.99

ThermaCELL® Mosquito Repellent – Realtree Appliance

Let’s be honest: mosquitoes suck. The ThermaCELL® Mosquito Repellent from Realtree provides a 225-square-foot mosquito repellent coverage for up to 12 hours. This fully portable skeeter repellent is great for tree stands, campsites or your backyard. Price: $39.99

UCO® Arka USB Charger + Lantern + Flashlight

The Arka is a flashlight/lantern that doubles as a USB charger for cameras, phones and GPS systems. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a charging station. It’s also fairly small, so it won’t take up much space in your emergency kit. Price: $39.97

ACR® RapidDitch™ Bag – Buoyant Abandon Ship Survival Gear Bag

Survival experts recommend keeping a “bug-out” bag loaded with survival items handy in case of an emergency or natural disaster. The ACR® RapidDitch™ Bag – Buoyant Abandon Ship Survival Gear Bag keeps up to 25-pounds of gear neatly organized, readily accessible and safe from the elements. Price: $99.99

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12 Survival Products for the Ultimate Emergency Kit