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12 Reasons why winter hunting is the best hunting

Winter is no excuse to hang up your bow or gun. Get out and hunt. Here are 10 reasons why…

Most of us hunt in the more comfortable weather conditions found in late summer and fall. A small portion of hunters continue to hunt into the winter months.

Maybe it is the colder weather, the snow, or just because they have not tried it yet. Whatever the reason, non-winter hunters are missing out.

Here are the top 10 reasons why winter hunting is the best hunting.

1. No ticks or mosquitoes during winter hunting.

Let’s start with a simple but important reason winter hunting is the best hunting. In areas where we worry about ticks or have to deal with pesky mosquitoes, their disappearance makes it much more enjoyable.

2. Winter hunting has less hunting pressure.

Not only are there less hunters in the woods, but fewer people go hiking, camping, fishing, or intrude on the animal’s environments. Less people means less pressure which will improve your chances of success.

3. Visibility is better.

Without all the green on the trees and bushes, you can see farther into the woods and fields. Keep this in mind though, as your quarry can see you better as well.

4. Easier to hear.

With the air being thinner in winter, it carries noise much farther. Be conscious of this when moving around as the animals can hear you much better as well.

Winter landscape with sunrise in the mountains. The path in the snow. Carpathians, Ukraine, Europe

5. Tracking is easy when winter hunting.

As soon as a light dusting of snow hits the ground, tracking animals is much easier. Simply follow their tracks!

You will be surprised how much wildlife is active in the same areas you visit in the fall and never noticed before.

Even without snow it is easier to track. Branches and twigs become more fragile and will snap in colder weather when they would have bent before.

6. Patterning is easier.

Beds, feeding areas, and staging areas are all easier to identify in the winter as animal tracks, impressions in the snow, and holes dug to uncover buried food are easily identified.

By hitting the woods after a recent snowfall, you can track and better understand the behaviors of the animals you are hunting. Even without snow, these things are easier to identify in the cold winter.

7. Camouflaging is easier.

With snow on the ground, winter camouflage is very effective no matter the area you hunt. It is also very easy to create a ground blind indistinguishable from the surroundings.

One of my favorite hiding places in winter is under the lowest branches of a tall evergreen. I burrow in, pushing excess snow to the sides.

Deer in camouflage

8. Scent covering is easier

If you take care to remove scent from your clothes, covering your scent is much easier in the winter. Under all those layers of clothing, any body odor is covered.

More of you is covered up as well, so there is less chance for odor to escape.

9. Easier to be quiet.

With all the leaves and twigs being buried under the snow, it is much easier to be quiet. Just be careful on the colder days when the snow is crunchy.

10. Easier to remove harvested animal when winter hunting.

Once you get that trophy buck, coyote, or whatever is in season, bringing them back to your truck will be much easier. There are several products on the market to make dragging your kill out of the woods much easier.

In the winter these products are not needed. Lower temperatures reduce friction with or without snow and pulling out even the largest buck would be much easier.

11. Meat cools quicker.

In the summer and fall you must gut your kill as soon as possible and in some cases pack ice inside to help the cooling process.

While it is still necessary to gut the animal as soon as you can in winter, the colder weather will cool the meat much sooner reducing the chances of spoilage.

12. Health benefits of being outdoors.

There are many benefits to being outdoors. Your metabolism increases to try and stay warm, which helps with heart and weight control.

Being active balances hormones (in men too) and improves your mood which helps to fight the winter blahs and mild depression. Being in nature also helps to lower your stress.

Hopefully these 12 reasons why winter hunting is the best hunting have convinced you to try and get outdoors this winter. And if someone is giving you grief for going, just tell them you are doing it for health reasons.

See you outside!

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12 Reasons why winter hunting is the best hunting