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12 Reasons You Need to Get Out of Town ASAP

What other reasons to get out of town do you need? Okay, here's a few more...

Sometimes, you just need to jump in your truck and get out of town.

Other times, you're dreaming up more places to go while you're sitting through your day job. So, while you likely have a long list of places to go, here are a few reasons (or excuses, you know, for the boss) to travel some more.

1. You've worked hard

So maybe your 9-to-5 keeps you cooped up inside a cubicle, but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate it for what it gives you. Working hard, earning time off and paychecks, and doing it with pride make those trips you take that much sweeter.

Traveling is one of the things we should all be working for, and there are some pretty sweet destinations just a drive away.

2. The weather's beautiful

Believe it or not, no matter what's happening outside (rain, snow, hail, cats, dogs), it's worth being out in it. Now, we aren't talking about putting yourself in any danger (as in, don't head to the coast when a hurricane is coming), but a little stormy weather can be a whole lot of fun.

Skies opening up after a thunderstorm can make for the best photo opportunities, and there's nothing like the snap of cold that comes with a blanket of snow.

3. You shouldn't underestimate the day trip


Seriously, with the kind of gas mileage you can get these days, particularly in a Ram 1500, with its Best-in-Class 29 highway MPG*, there's little reason to whine at the gas station any more.

4. There are things happening

Meteor showers, fish runs, hunting seasons and more, there's almost always an excuse to get out and about. The fall season might just be the best. Think Oktoberfest and changing leaves.

5. Some places might not be the same (or even accessible) this time next year

The public land situation in America can be discussed until the cows come home, but the bottom line is this: there's no better time than right now to take advantage of the outdoor activities you can experience in some of this country's most beautiful wild places.

6. There are still roads less traveled


With the millions of cars that hit the pavement daily, sometimes traffic and congestion sabotages our plans to escape. But taking a truck like a Ram 1500 out of town is never a hassle. Go the long way, see more sights, and quit being in such a hurry.

7. You've got toys to haul

Your boat's doing you no good sitting in your driveway. An RV can't be appreciated from its storage unit. Those ATVs need to be taken someplace where they can truly be tested. (If you're in a Ram 1500, the max towing of up to 10,640 pounds should cover it).

8. You'll see something you've never seen

If you set out to accomplish this simple goal, any trip out of town, even if it's just a few dozen miles, can be a success. It also does wonders for spontaneity: "Why, yes, I would like to try out that rock climbing gym, and I'd love to have a beer at that microbrewery afterwards! I never knew either of them were here!"

9. You're stimulating local economies

Now, this doesn't work if you hit up the fast food chains and big box stores, but tourism is vital to many American cities, and trying to go local no matter where you are can really make a difference. Help support the hardworking business owners in the places you visit, and you just might be surprised by what they share with you in return.

10. You'll live longer

This is no joke: an extensive study of more than 12,000 men over a 9-year period concluded that the ones who took a vacation every year reduced their overall risk of death (scientifically termed "all-cause mortality") by about 17%. How's that for doctor's orders?

11. There's no better way to connect with friends and family

Getting outside, both of your routine and of the house, can work wonders towards togetherness. Experiencing new things, seeing new sights, and spending time with one another creates a more stable, tight-knit group.

12. Traveling makes for great memories

You and your kids won't reminisce about sitting around and watching TV. Pack some clothes, food, and the camera, and just go. You've got enough reasons by now; what are you waiting for?

Based on Standard Pickup Class. EPA-estimated 29 highway MPG with available EcoDiesel V6 engine 4x2, HFE model. Actual mileage may vary.


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12 Reasons You Need to Get Out of Town ASAP