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Wide Open Spaces “Shot of the Week”

Shot of the Week – 12-point Northern Minnesota Buck

Since we’re in the heat of deer season, and many parts of the country are witnessing rut activity in full form, it’s only appropriate to include a whitetail buck in the latest edition of “Shot of the Week.”

Our winner for his entry on our Facebook page is Kent Olson, who shared his story and photo of the “Biggest deer I’ve ever seen,” as he put it. As a token of our thanks and congratulations, Olson will receive a SOG Huntspoint knife.

“I was facing west and a little north, and the wind was blowing out of the north, basically right in my face,” Olson told us. “It was about 8:30 a.m. and I was thinking how cold I was and how good a cup of coffee sounded back at the shack.”

We’re sure plenty of hunters across the country can relate to that feeling, but cold weather means the deer are moving, right?


“My first thought was There’s a deer,” Olson said. “My second thought, which I whispered out loud to myself, was That’s a big damn deer.” 

Olson added that the buck kept his head out in front of him, appearing as though he was on a mission. The scope of Olson’s rifle was set on the trail, ahead of the deer by about 30 yards, as he waiting for it to walk through. “As he got closer I doubled checked the safety was off and when he walked into the scope I breathed out and squeezed,” Olson said.


Location: Kittson County, Minnesota

Game: 12-point Whitetail buck

Weapon: Custom .270 caliber rifle, with no brand name. It was “bought at a rummage sale by my dad,” Olson said.

Ammunition: Remington .270

Interesting Fact: Olson got this buck on the third day of the season, after shooting a doe from the same stand on day one. “I don’t remember the sound of the rifle, but the deer bucked, ran about 20 to 30 yards, ran in a small circle and fell over dead. I couldn’t believe it,” he said. Olson estimated that it took four people about an hour and a half to drag him out on a sled, and approximated the weight to be about 280 lbs. dressed.

If you’ve captured video footage of your hunt and would like to submit it as a potential Wide Open Spaces “Shot of the Week,” visit our Facebook page for entry details, and your video could be featured on

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Wide Open Spaces “Shot of the Week”