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12 Places To Fish Before You Die [PICS]

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If the cold weather has you thinking about your next fishing trip, think about one of these 12 places to fish before you die.

Fishing is fun no matter where you do it, but let's face it, some places are a little better than others. We have searched far and wide to find some of the most amazing fishing spots in the world.

Check out these 12 places to fish before you die to help plan out some of your next fishing trips.

1. Norway's Fjords

The Fjords of Norway offer many different types of fishing. In a single day you can go from deep sea fishing in a fjord, to fishing on the shore, to fly-fishing in a river. This wide variety also means a wide variety of fish and plenty of beautiful scenery.



2. Patagonia

The numerous clear rivers that flow through the wild mountains of Patagonia make it the perfect wilderness fishing retreat. Just pack a tent, your fly rod, and go catch some trout.

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3. Christmas Island

Christmas Island, off the coast of Australia, offers some of the best fishing in the world, and with beautiful weather all year round, it makes for the perfect winter getaway. Take your fly rod and fish the flats for bonefish, or go a little deeper to fish for tuna.

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4. The Bahamas

This is one you can slip in as a family vacation. No matter where you go in the Bahamas you will find excellent fishing opportunities. Whether for bonefish, tarpon, or permit your opportunities for success are high.

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5. The Louisiana Salt Flats

There are many different places along the gulf coast that will work but these salt flats are an amazing place to catch red drum, and they grow bigger here than many other places.

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6. Belize

With on-shore, off-shore, and flats fishing, Belize offers almost anything an angler could want, and almost year round too. This makes it a must-visit fishing destination.

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7. Cape Point on The Outer Banks

Cape Point, on Hatteras Island of the North Carolina Outer Banks is one of the most famous fishing spots in the world. Fishing on the OBX makes you feel like you take a step back in time and are getting back to the true roots of coastal fishing.

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8. Lake Superior

By surface area, Lake Superior is the largest lake in the world. This alone is a good enough reason to want to fish it. But on top of that there are 88 known species of fish living in Lake Superior. This combination makes for a great fishing spot.

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9. Puyallup River in Washington

The Puyallup River is one of your best chances to catch salmon or steelhead. The river is a natural spawning river and it is stocked as well. Head to Washington to fish the Puyallup.

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10. Kenya

The waters off the coast of Watamu and Malindi in Kenya are prime billfish location. Some of the best bill fishing can be done here and there is a world class competition held here every year.

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11. Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is known for its brook trout population but is home to a wide variety of fish. With its maze of rivers and coastal fishing options, PEI is a fishing destination you must visit.

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12. Key West

This one requires little explanation. With virtually every type of saltwater fish available and the beautiful scenery this is a must-fish place. If it's good enough for Hemingway, it's good enough for me.

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Each of these fishing places would be great for a simultaneous vacation for your family or fishing buddies. You should definitely put these locations on your bucket list!

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12 Places To Fish Before You Die [PICS]