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9 Off-the-Radar Saltwater Fishing Spots in North America


Here are 9 off-the-radar saltwater fishing spots worth checking out.

Sure, you can go to the Keys or hit up Martha’s Vineyard, but there are plenty of smaller, lesser-known, but still excellent fishing spots.

Since they’re more off-the-radar, finding a good guide who knows their stuff is essential. Look ahead and book someone who can help capitalize in these fantastic fishing locations.

They might not get the publicity or the attention, but that’s part of the appeal. Fish these spots before they blow up and become crowded.

1. Hyannis, Massachusetts

While others are hitting the well-known Cape Cod spots, head to Hyannis. Bigeye tuna and mackerel abound.

2. Laguna Madre, Texas


Spotted sea trout and red drum (redfish) can be caught in this beautiful 130-mile long bay.

3. Honeymoon Island, Florida

Catch all the snook you’re looking for in April and May at this awesome Florida Gulf Coast spot.

4. Flats of Oahu, Hawaii



The first Hawaiian spot on the list specializes in bonefish, and multiple spots can be productive with the right approach.

5. Montauk, New York

Striped bass and false albacore are two fantastic species worth targeting, and Montauk is great for both.

6. Venice, Louisiana

If you hear “yellowfin tuna,” do you think Louisiana? You should, and you should think Venice for a good shot.

7. Dockweiler State Beach, California

Surf or fly fish for croakers and corbina in this spot just minutes from the L.A. airport.

8. Manasquan Inlet, New Jersey

Let the droves fish in the really popular spots, and book a charter that takes you out of Manasquan to one of the prime hotspots accessible for bluefin tuna.

9. Warrenton, Oregon

Halibut and salmon can be found in this lesser-known spot, and you can stay in Ft. Stevens State Park.


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9 Off-the-Radar Saltwater Fishing Spots in North America